Why Do Men Rape Babies?


A A five-year-old girl was operated upon for three hours on Monday after she was mauled by a 32-year-old man in a vicious sexual attack in Gurgaon on Sunday night, bringing back the horrors of the brutal assault on Nirbhaya in Delhi in 2012. Raped and sodomized, the five-year-old was bleeding from her private parts when her family found her in the clasp of her assailant

A paedophile skating instructor was arrested for raping a 6 year old girl inside the school of a leading school in Bangalore(July 2014)

A primary school girl child was sexually abused in the washroom of school (Gurgaon) by a nanny for many days. Parents got to know about it when the child shared the incident at home without having any understanding of what happened to her.

Shattered , aghast and furious- my state is indescribable in words.

Every time I read such news in the newspaper it send chills down my spine and something in me dies, the hope for a better world now seems a farce.

The question that undoubtedly emerges in my mind is what makes men commit such dastardly acts on small babies and children. How can anyone be as cruel and barbaric as to rape a young child? There have been instances where a baby as young as 8 days old was not spared. One can’t even call such small child a girl child as the baby is an infant who has not even shed the umbilical cord. All this makes me believe that we live in an era where ferocious demons hole up amidst humans.

It happens across all demographics and is a grave issue worldwide but one can see certain cultures seeing a spurt in rape crimes on children. A Country like India which was once famous for its Vedic culture is now known for its rape culture. Some of our politicians are vociferous on this issue and seem to have found ludicrous answers to the reason behind a spike in rape cases-

“The victim is as guilty as her rapists. … She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop.” – Spiritual leader and alleged rapist Asaram Bapu on the Delhi gang rape and murder

‘’Boys will be boys. They make mistakes.’’- Mulayam singh Yadav, Chief of Sammajvadi Party.

“Rape is a social crime which depends on the man and the woman. It is sometimes right and sometimes wrong.” – Babulal Gaur, BJP politician and Madhya Pradesh home minister

“Women should not venture out with men who are not relatives.”– Samajwadi party MLA Abu Azmi

 “Ninety per cent of rapes are “consensual”– Dharamveer Goyat, Hisar Congress spokesperson

Politicians have always given reasons for rape which truly reflect their own mental standing.

Why men rape children- this question is still left unanswered. How I wish God would have stamped a mark on the face of every rapist so that there would no rape victim in this world. But that’s not the case so to protect our child from being a victim to a horrendous crime we need to understand the psychology of a rapist and what do they think while committing such an abominable act. What is the psychology of a rapist when a child is falling prey to his monstrous intentions? Let’s look at the answers in relation to India particularly.

A few decades back our society had clearly defined roles for both men and women. Men were sole bread winners of the family and women were responsible for raising children and taking care of the family/household. The boundaries were set and women were functioning behind the four walls of their homes. Times changed, now we are living in a globalised world where women have the economic and social freedom. Their roles and responsibilities have evolved due to the technological advancement and modernisation of our society. The dichotomy of our society is that people who have accepted this transition and people who have not come to terms with women advancement coexist in the same society. Some people think that it is obligatory for women to be confined to home as it is a threat to our traditions and culture. They rape to establish power and it is not about sexual desire. No one can derive any sexual pleasure while raping a few months old child or a 71 year old elderly nun. The perpetrators have no conscience and are always remorseless. They never show any repentance after committing the crime and in some cases (as in Nirbhaya’s case) have the audacity to justify it as according to them the girl deserved it.    

These crimes happen in posh bungalows, affluent homes, popular schools as well as stingy shacks and squalid slums. A common factor found in background of perpetrators is that most of them come from broken families. They have either witnessed their mothers getting beaten up by their fathers or some sort of domestic violence at home. Children are impressionable and violent exposure since childhood affects their psyche as adults. Some of them become misogynist and start hating women, so a rape can be committed to take revenge from a woman by raping and inflicting pain on her child.

Drugs, alcohol and substance abuse worsen the situation. The perpetrators have generally a record history of petty crimes, when they see that the law has no strict provisions then they tend to repeat the offence with more confidence. Our country is soft on juvenile delinquents which sets a wrong precedent for them and others.

Low literacy rate also makes the situation contemptible

Children are helpless victims of these men as they fail to understand what is happening to them and most often the abuser gets a chance to escape unidentified. These criminals get lost in the big metro cities and they have no fear of being identified. Raping a child gives no physical pleasure but it gives them an erotic pleasure to inflict pain on other human being. It is more about power and anger and they love to see the child victim as helpless and in excruciating pain. That’s the reason that in some barbaric incidents they even penetrate a foreign object inside child. A rapist is a mean sadistic who gets a high after committing such a heinous and deplorable act. They derive voyeuristic pleasure by seeing the little baby suffering and unable to defend himself; if the criminal knows the child then he threatens the child to not disclose about the incident to anyone.  

child abuse

Precautions to be taken-

We should accept that it can happen anywhere and with anyone. The criminals are not aliens and victims can be anyone amongst us. The figures are appalling- while   90% of rapes are committed by known persons, only 10% are done by strangers. So it is better to be extra cautious with your child because the physical bruises can be treated but the indelible mark on the soul stays forever.

Parents need to be vigilant before choosing maids, nannies, tution teachers and day care facilities for their children. While older children can be oriented about child abuse through good books and videos, it is better to have a trusted family member around the small babies always. I have friends who are happy after installing cctv cameras at home as it ensures that they can monitor their child even when outside the home. 

Look for the signs, do not ignore them thinking your child is too young. Parents should try to find the reason when they notice behavioural changes in their child, loss of appetite and absent mindedness, fear of undressing while taking bath, getting uncomfortable in presence of a particular person or scratches or bruises on body. It is better to be safe than sorry.

There is still a glimmer of hope, I pray to god that we can give our children safe and secure environment where there are no ogling eyes and they can move fearlessly anywhere.



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