Tyre Craft- Best Out Of Waste


Step 1-

We had a rejected tyre at home, my son was hellbent on reusing it to make something. So we decided to make a tyre table for our balcony. As you can see in Pic1 we simply coloured the tyre with golden colour (simple goden powder dust mixed with oil. It is cheap and can be easily procured from any local hardware/ paint shop).

Pic 1- Tyre with golden base colour

Pic 1- Tyre with golden base colour

Step 2-

Fix legs (steel legs procured from hardware shop) in the table with the help of a drill machine. It is a ten minutes job and my husband is adept at it :) You can get it done from a Carpenter.

Picture 2- Legs fixed

Picture 2- Legs fixed

After fixing legs, we did a second coat of same golden paint to give a better finish.

step 3-

Keep a glass on top.

Pic 3- Fix glass on top

Pic 3- Fix glass on top

Enjoy using your home made coffee table at dirt cheap cost.

Happy Earth Day!



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