Ten Simple Ways To Balance Work and Family


Let’s be honest as most of us face this situation. After the baby is born, we enjoy the sabbatical by taking care of the baby and being with our family. The picture is happy and chimerical till we join back our job. The real struggle begins then- working mothers are often seen huffing and puffing to reach for the school PTMs, meeting the office deadlines, managing nagging in laws and a demanding boss (who seems like a reincarnation of Hitler). If this was not enough then there is a husband who is mostly glued to his mobile phone texting a bunch of buffoons (schoolmates whom he hasn’t met for almost two decades).

picture credits-liveyourlifeinbalance.com

picture credits-liveyourlifeinbalance.com

An overloaded platter can result in inertia to eat anything even when hungry. A relaxed mind acts as a condiment which makes the same platter palatable.


Mothers want to do everything in life, they like to stand on the equator of Earth with a magic wand in hand and aim to manage the whole Earth from there. It is not as impossible as it might sound, here are simple tips to strike a balance between family life and work life-

  1. Organize and prioritize- Whenever there is an emotional meltdown, just close your eyes and think about most important people and relationships in life. You will be able to set your priorities right. An organized way of life is necessary, you just can’t wear roller skates and move in any direction. Avoid these follies which mothers commit unconsciously
  2. It’s a conscious choice, do not indulge in self pityworking life is a choice and not a compulsion. So don’t expect people to empathize with you. Be happy and confident that you took such a challenging decision of managing so many things together.0032433856fa6c8fae4f23586f6a64dd[1]
  3. Don’t go on a guilt tripWorking moms often go on a guilt trip, this is a natural emotionJ. Each time when the child falls sick or house is in a messy state – we feel that we are not doing enough. We become too harsh on ourselves and forget that we are the role models for our children. A working mother is setting up an example of diligence, making the child more independent and confident to fight his own battles so be proud of yourself. Last but not the least, you have the financial power to secure a better future for your child by working. People around you will do and say everything possible to make you feel guilty, being unperturbed by their words is the key to a relaxed mind.guilt1[1]
  4. If you do not have a support system then install camerasThis worked very well for me. It is not possible to be physically present around your child 24*7, I use to be very anxious about this factor. Sometimes people around you have the audacity to befool you even when you are present in the adjacent room. CCTVs minimiZe these aberrations. You can watch the recordings or live camera from anywhere around the world.
  5. Dinner/lunch dates with husbandAfter sometime, a married couple has to make an effort to ignite the spark in their married life. These days a marriage very easily turns to a relationship of convenience. So carve out some alone time with your spouse where you can talk, share your feelings.761059d10345bbc3946091fe3f4aba90[1]
  6. Calm mindwork overload in office and health/ well being concerns for children can cause lot of stress for mothers. This results in irritability, still you can stay calm if you are conscious about your behaviour and situation all the time.
  7. Grab some ‘Me time’- Pamper yourself by indulging in a spa, reading your favourite book, exercising or doing anything which you enjoy. Some women enjoy cycling, swimming or going for long walks. Try to find out a non- gadget activity, mobiles phones and technology tires one’s mind and doesn’t give peace.inspiringmums-me-time[1]
  8. Talk to like minded peopleCompany matters a lot. Positive and happy people can spread positivity around whereas negative people pull you down and dampen your spirits.
  9. Reading ritual with your childIt’s a good way to bond with your child. Morning and night time should be spent with child, it gives immense satisfaction and incomprehensible joy. There are innumerable benefits of reading for children , you can also read these simple tips to be a good parent
  10. Learn to delegate and let goDon’t try to be an alpha woman, acknowledge and accept the fact that you can’t do everything in a perfect manner. Prioritise your’s and your family’s happiness over other things and learn to let go. We forget that these years will not return, each moment becomes a memory next minute, so cherish it!let-go[1]

If you have other ways which help you in balancing out your personal and professional lives then please share with our mommy community.

Whether you like, dislike, agree or disagree with my views please write in the comment box below. I would love to know your thoughts.


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