PDA In Front Of Kids- How Much Is Too Much?


We Indians value culture and traditions. The irony is that sex is a forbidden topic in this Land of Kamasutra. Most of us either live in joint families or have parents visiting us frequently. An American or a British will be aghast to know that some of us still have joint families with members from 3-4 generations living under the same roof. Thanks to the Child marriage system which was prevalent a few decades back that the gap between two generations could just be 14-16 years. One could hear stories from dadi and nani who have witnessed the harsh realities of Ghoonghat pratha and baal vivaah closely. They not only covered their heads as a mark of deference towards elders but also could not catch a glimpse of their husbands in the presence of their in laws. It’s easy for us to shun these practices now and tag them as backward or conservative but there are women who are still suffering from these traumatic customs. The mere thought of it is asphyxiating.

Picture credits- www.imgarcade.com

Picture credits- www.imgarcade.com

I am assuming that the readers do not face such harrowing situations anymore. Thank God that we live in ultra modern society but our thoughts are still not very liberal in showing affection to our partners in front of our children. Some of you will be amazed to know that displaying affection to your partner has a positive impact on the growth of your child. We just have to know where to draw the line. By no means am I advocating an overt sexual behavior in front of children. PDA by parents means a casual gesture of affection like a hug, kissing on cheek or forehead in front of children or just holding hands.

Close your eyes to revisit your childhood days and think about the relationship your parents shared. As a child I loved seeing my parents together and it disturbed me whenever they had even a minor tiff. So one can very well imagine how the children feel when their parents are involved in the act of domestic violence or verbal conflicts or are on the verge of separation. Emotions displayed by parents towards each other form an emotional landscape in child’s life and have a huge impact on the psyche of children.

Enjoy reading the following benefits of PDA to your partner in front of children-

A sense of securityParents who share a loving relationship with each other give a sense of security to children. A child who belongs to a disturbed family is bound to look for happiness in relationships outside his family.

Picture credits- www.modernman.com

Picture credits- www.modernman.com

Encourages open communication Children learn to positively express their emotions from their parents. They become articulate and this improves their social skills.

Sets a base for future relationshipsGirls learn from their mothers and boys from their fathers naturally. They observe how their parents handle a situation and behave with their spouse. When a boy sees his father giving due respect to his wife then it’s paving a way for his healthy future relationship. Children who witness violence of any sort are highly prone to resorting to such ways themselves in future.

So what are you waiting for, don’t just show affection behind the four walls and a shut door of your bed room. Indulge in PDA for your spouse and enjoy the positive effects on your children.



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  1. A very good article indeed, you really gave a new perspective to a lot of Indian parents who actually think others use that it’s not good for their kids but on the contrary, it helps in their healthy mental development.

      • Hi,
        We as parents have never shyed away from displaying our emotions. I can relate to this article well cos my child’s EQ reflects here. He Has grown up to be a warm individual who has love for everyone around him.