Overcoming Life Regrets And Moving On!


Complaining comes naturally to any human being, it is our way of living life. Gratitude doesn’t come to us naturally unless a sudden twist in life makes us realise the importance of that person or thing . Human beings are generally a species of whiners.

I enjoy complaining about work pressure, hectic lifestyle, mommy guilt, lack of sleep, desire for a relaxed vacation and much more. Despite all this I am a positive person who listens to the sound of her conscious whenever teetering on a brink. I am not perfect, I keep committing blunders and then regain energies through my optimism. That’s how I keep moving forward.

One day I was fretting to my friend on instant messaging about a difficult client. The message was detailed and quite explicit with names et al. As it is said that Law of Attraction works with negative as well as positive forces, so accidentally I sent the message to the same client when it was actually intended to be sent to my friend. The starting letters of both names were same which led to the gaffe. Later on the embarrassment I faced is beyond description. A light hearted chat between friends landed me in a soup with a wrong click on touch phone. Daggers drawn instantly, I immersed neck deep in the feeling of humiliation. I was scared that my image of being Miss Responsible will be tarnished and distorted to that of Mrs. Whoops. How will my peers and other clients react to this whopper, will it affect my equity and goodwill created over a period of years and how will I face all this? Was it actually my fault , all of us grumble about our bosses, clients, friends, neighbours and even our children. Nagging is our birth right and we spare none, so why should I be guilty of this folly. It was just a human error, no one is saintly, everyone indulges in such conversations every now and then.

Picture credit-expertbusinessadvice

Picture credit-expertbusinessadvice

 But actually I was wrong. I realized that talking about negative people and negative things attracts
more negativity to our life. Thinking too much about something attracts more of it to our life. These are energy sappers in our life which suck away all the energies into the negativity black hole. The aftermath of the messaging blooper gave me sleepless nights, truckloads of stress and completely exasperated my soul. How I wished that I could reverse the misgiving but unfortunately messages, like spoken words, once sent can’t be deleted from the folder of receiver.


This realization made me promise one thing to myself- I will start my day with a feeling of gratitude for whatever I have. A day with a positive beginning attracts more positivity and good things throughout the day. The nature reflects back whatever you give to it. Now I am conscious of my feelings, as soon as a negative thought reflects on me I immediately shrug it away. Looking at problems as opportunities to learn helps you in smooth sailing out of even a disastrous storm.

Continuing with the client episode, as soon as I realized that a  blunder was committed I admitted about it to my boss. I prayed, left the baggage of remorse, decided to move on and took the whole episode in my own stride. Surprisingly the boss reacted in a milder way than expected, what surprised me that even the client turned positive after a few days and had many good things to say about my work.

Lesson learntWhatever difficulties one faces in life, always be positive about it. Results vary and things change overnight, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Never let your positivity and hope crumble under the debris of past misgivings. Look ahead and keep moving forward. There is a reason behind each event, they are God’s way of teaching you your lessons of life.

Be positive, do positive and nature will surely reflect back!



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I am an Early Years Educator and a mother of two young kids (Jumping Jack and Tinkerbell) who give me a Double Degree in Mommydom. All these years have been very enriching for me where I have evolved as a human being too. I dabble in writing in my free time with the intent of sharing my knowledge and experience with the parent community. The writing journey so far has been very encouraging. Childhood years are the most precious part of anyone’s life, I am making an effort to give each child a happy and stress free childhood. Despite having no background in writing I have to just close my eyes and listen to my thoughts while writing, the way readers connect with my work has made me believe I am guided by the angels and the divine power. The world has given me a lot and now it’s my turn to contribute to the society. Hope to help the mommies and daddies through my writings. Please share your inputs, queries and suggestions on nurturingachild@gmail.com, I would love to know your thoughts. Happy reading!

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