Magnetic Stick ‘n Stack- Toy Review


These are magnetic pieces which can be assembled together to form creative shapes. Children glide into the world of imagination where they pop up novel things. My child stays engaged and happy when he can make a rocket, a car, a robot, a huge castle and a tall tower in few minutes.



This fantastic toy develops out of box thinking and encourages free play in children. A child can never be bored of magnetic stic and stack due to the endless possibilities it offers. It can also improve the attention span in hyperactive kids . We started with a small box which but looking at the way children enjoyed it we bought a bigger one with more pieces.

   There are pieces in different shapes as square, arches, triangles, wheel base and much more which increase the interest quotient for kids. Colourful magnetic pieces look enticing to children who just grab and start stacking them beautifully. They look fragile but are quite sturdy, my son assembles it and the younger one loves to poke a finger and disintegrate everything. Despite a rough use there has been no major wear and tear.

The only challenge I faced was that it was not readily available in India. To overcome this one can order it online on Amazon. The product is steeply priced in Indian currency so it is better to order it on US address (if you have relatives or friends living there) or buy it when you are visiting the country. That ways you will be able to save some money. Check the weight of the product ordered so that you know how feasible it is to carry it in your luggage.

The product can be checked at . There are many variations available in market but I found this brand as best value for money. One gets maximum number of pieces in different shapes in a given price. One can also compare Magna tiles which is a different brand of same magnetic tiles. They are studier and costlier than Magnetic Stick and Stack.

The only negative which I found was that it is not easily portable because of its weight. Otherwise it is a must buy for your child’s toy collection.DP-TWIO-7OZ6-2[1]

Price range- varies according to number of pieces in range of 40$- 120$ (prices are as of today)



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  1. Nice article. Well thought through. Looking forward for more insightful articles. This will help my wife to manage two kids development. Specially my my daughter who is 18 month old.

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