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Make learning fun with Jodo Gyan

I dread stepping into a toy store because buying these expensive toys looks like a sheer wastage of money most of the times. Children get bored of playing with similar kind of toys, most of which are battery operated. Jodo Gyan is one stop solution to all your woes. They provide simple, innovative and open ended toys which cater to all age groups. Best part about these toys is that they are pocket friendly and cost efficient. My personal opinion is that this organization does not invest in any marketing or advertising which makes its educational material cost effective .You won’t have to think twice before buying a bag full of jodo gyan teaching material for your child. The material is used by some established and leading private schools of Gurgaon and Delhi and is very popular with children. The teaching learning materials are also used in thousands of government schools across various districts in Punjab and Meghalaya.

It’s a simple website without any fanfare yet it is descriptive and explains well about each item. I have personally used these for my children-

Jodo cubes– I found them very useful for teaching addition and subtraction concepts to children. It is not like those regular blocks which are available in the market; they are very good for improving fine motor skills too in children.

jodo4    jodo pic




Mathmat – It is a mat which comes in different sizes, there are holes in it which need to be filled by small pieces. Mathmat improves fine motor skills, pre math skills (through colourful pattern making) and maths skills (multiplication, addition)


Aakar Parivaar- Children can be introduced to different shapes through Aakar Parivar and Rangometry . These can also be used to narrate stories to children in an interesting way. The material, once dipped in water for few seconds, can be stuck on any plain surface like wall, black board, white board, glass door, tiles etc. When children get familiar to the concept and shapes, you can give it to your child for free play. You will be amazed to see how young children come up with amazing creations; it actually propels their imagination.

Jodo Straws- It has straws in different colours and sizes with different kinds of connecting links. It’s up to your child’s imagination to make new things every time. Parents can also introduce complex geometrical shapes through it.


Number flash cards- These flash cards can be used to introduce the concept of numbers, units, tens, hundreds and thousands before and after, bigger and smaller number. Parents can devise their own games to be played with these flash cards. It adds an element of fun in learning. In the picture below it can be seen, the child can pick 2 numbers (here 43 and 64) hen tell which number is bigger.


Jodo Ludo- It is a traditional Ludo board game, tweaked slightly to make addition and subtraction easy to understand and practice. My son gets up in the morning and pulls this game out of drawer as he loves it.

Children get bored of doing addition and subtraction in copy/slate. This game encourages oral calculations and breaks the monotony through play way learning. It has four dices (2 number dice and 1 plus/minus dice is used at a time) and can be played by 2-4 players at a time.



For example- if dice shows 2+3, then player will move ahead 5 place. If dice shows 5-3 then player will move ahead only 2 place. Whatever number and sign (+ or -) comes, the players will always move ahead.

There are various other interesting options which can be used to introduce concepts of Science and Mathematics. I am looking forward to use them with my children as they grow up and start understanding them. These make learning fun, children never find them monotonous and it enhances creative skills in them.

The Jodo Gyan team consists of a group of passionate people who drive the organization in a very selfless way. When I first attended their workshop as an Early Year’s Educator I was so fascinated by their style that they reminded me of Phunsuk Wangdoo of 3 Idiots. I feel every parent reading this should try using it with their children.

The website can be visited; to know more; an order can be made through an email address mentioned on the website. They will give a bank account number to deposit money and material will be recieved through post/courier.

Happy Parenting!


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