Is Your Child A Musical Genius


When a new born baby cries then the mother sings a lullaby, this has a soothing effect on the baby, he soon curls up in his mother’s lap and lulls off to sleep. A mother’s natural instinct introduces the baby to the world of music. Then comes the next phase of preschool – we all know that rhymes and songs form an indispensable ingredient of preschool curriculum. Even in formal schools music is taught as a subject and given its due importance. Once we get stuck in the labyrinth of our everyday lives, we rush to a rejuvenating spa which again plays a soothing music in the background to revitalise our senses. So the musical connect which starts from infancy grows strong with passing years, most of the time unknowingly.

It is an indisputable fact that music has a very positive influence on children. Following are some of the advantages of introducing music to children-

Gives creative expression to the child– Music is infinite. There are no fixed outcomes so the child can unhesitatingly create and enjoy music in uncountable ways.


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Soothing effect– Music has a calming effect on senses and children become active listeners. It also boosts their memory and retention.


Develops focus– Learning musical notes and rhythms needs lot of concentration. It improves the attention span of children.


Reduces screen time– Being constructively occupied in a hobby will automatically reduce the time spent in front of screen.


Develops an aesthetic sense– Music, dance, Literature and Drama develop an aesthetic sense and an eye for appreciation in children

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Improves Mathematical and logical ability– Musical elements (like notes, rhythms, melody and tempo) help a child in understanding the concepts of pattern and correlation.


Gives confidence– All the positive factors club together and boost the confidence of child.

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Social skills– When children sing and dance together in groups then they understand group dynamics. Music improves people skills.





It is not a good idea to push the child into learning musical notes or rhythms .Do not set a high target to make your child a Mozart but just nurture the natural potential. As a parent you can provide an environment which provides ample opportunity to nurture the musical talent in your child.

You will be amazed to know that a soft melodious tune accelerates the growth of a plant in a healthy manner. Now you can yourself guess the impact it can have on your child!

Happy Parenting!

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