How To Do Up Your Kid’s Room


A child’s room is that part of our home which brightens our spirits and uplifts the mood. We try and experiment with colours, furnishing and interiors of this room while we stick to pastel hues for rest of the house. I have seen a friend decorating the room with things of her choice. But it is a good idea to decorate the room with furniture and furnishings of your kid’s choice as it infuses some freshness in it. It also encourages children to transition from co-sleeping to sleeping in their own room. Moreover, the way the child’s room is designed affects his thinking, concentration and mood changes.

Here are few factors which can be kept in mind before buying furniture and doing up interiors of kid’s room-

Avoid over doing– Market is flooded with things so don’t try to put everything in room. Everything should blend together and give a synchronized look. Children need more open spaces to surf freely in their turf. Room should have ample natural light and must be well ventilated.

There can be a reading nook where the books are organized and displayed. Children should feel proud of displaying their books; it inculcates an early habit of reading as well.



I will suggest that the reading rack should be accessible and not hung high on wall so that your young child can just hop and pick a book of his choice.

You can follow a theme according to your child’s choice or design a playful, cheerful and distinctive room with a bouncy trampoline, or an alphabet print carpet on which children can play alphabet hopscotch. Wallpapers and bedspreads are a good way to enhance the theme like in the picture below you can see wall sticker/ wallpaper is enough to complete the Space theme.


Avoid jazzy colours and over whelming interiors I personally believe in keeping the wall colours in lighter shades so that room looks big, instead add colour through bright lights, interesting wall stickers, colorful curtains with cartoon prints, a funky wall clock or a vibrant looking floor rug. When you select the colour of wall paint then keep in mind that colour on shade card looks a few shades darker when actually applied on walls. We always go for one or two shades lighter than what we have already chosen as it gives a bigger look to the room. With size of houses shrinking one needs to work out ways to make it look bigger than actual.


Place for display for child’s creations– A white board or cloth board can be hung on one of the walls so that children can display their work on it. Later on children can put their favourite snaps or daily reminders on it. This gives a sense of ownership to the child that Wow! This is my territory. Let the child decide on what he wants to display, what is best for them might not be best for us but let the choice be theirs.



Free of gadgets in sleeping room– Children’s room should be devoid of television, video games etc. Experts suggest that gadgets and electronics in room result in sleep disorders. Actually, it should be a gadget free zone. It is a controversial matter that electromagnetic radiations from electronic gadgets can negatively affect the brain.

Research shows, for instance:

  • Children who use electronic media at night go to bed later, get fewer hours of sleep per week, and report more daytime sleepiness
  • Adolescents with a television in their bedroom go to bed later, have more difficulty falling asleep, and have a shorter total sleep time
  • Sending texts or e-mails after initially going to bed increases daytime sleepiness among teens (even if it’s done only once a week)
  • Computer and cell phone use before going to bed linked to insomnia

Selection of bed– Bunk beds take less space but one should be confident that children will not topple while using stairs at night. It is ideal to have rounded edges on corners and bed should not be very high. I personally prefer box beds as they provide ample storage space and help in making the room clutter free. It can also be used as toys storage space.


I keep shuffling toys on display and keep them inside the storage box, children enjoy the same toy when they get to see it after long gaps. Vastu followers can avoid placing exposed mirrors around bed.

Minimalistic is the buzzword, be smart and crisp in your choice of selecting things for the room.

Happy Parenting!



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