Funskool Clipo- Review


For mommies who are always on a lookout for something different and novel- Funskool Clipo is the best choice. It is easily available on all online sites and neighbourhood stores.

Clipo comes in variations to suit different ages-

Funskool Clipo senior 4+ has 64 pieces (Clipo Senior set is another variation)

Funskool Clipo Junior 3+ has 44 pieces (Clipo Junior set is another variation)

Funskool Clipo Animals 3+ has 39 pieces (Clipo Animal set is another variation)

Funskool Clipo Starter 3+ has 19 pieces (Clipo Starter set is another variation)


The box contains bristled pieces in different shapes. The bristles are rounded and easy to be held by young children. Bright coloured pieces make it an attractive toy for children. Children get bored of playing with monotonous blocks, this is an open ended toy which stimulates the imagination of a child. Children can create a new thing by joining the bristled pieces in any direction. The end results are limitless. My 6 year old loves to discover new possibilities every time and I look forward to team up with him. It is a frolic time for us as both of us bond well and are constructively engaged in the same activity.

The colourful blocks can be used to teach colours and reinforce shapes. Child needs to fit in the bristles of two pieces to create a shape, this helps in developing finger dexterity, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. This toy encourages unstructured play which is very important to boost creativity in children.

Funskool has maintained the quality of plastic as per company standards. The product makes for a great birthday gift as it is reasonably priced.

Price range Rs245- Rs575.

It can be ordered on


(Kindly check different sites for current competitive prices )




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