Easy Tips To Control Biting, Hitting and Aggression- Part 2


We read the possible reasons of biting, hitting and pinching in young children here

Here are 9 easy tips that could be possible solutions to control biting, hitting, pushing and pinching by your child-

  1. Unconditional love– Always love your child unconditionally. Children are a gift of god and accept them the way they are. Don’t keep on nagging if your child is shy or introvert, these factors are not parameters for success when they grow up. An emotionally secure child will generally not display aggressive behavior.
  2. Talk, talk, talk– Talking to your child about good and bad behavior helps. Keep doing it as the results are not immediately evident but they reap benefits in the long run.illustration-of-a-stick-children-with-chat-bubbles-by-bnp-design-studio-741[1]
  3. Teach them how to express themselves through words, face expressions and body language. Play a game where they have to show happy, sad and angry expressions. Teach them to frown or fold hands. This helps with children who start speaking very late.
  4. Be patient– Patience is a virtue and practice it from the day your child is born. Don’t scare, threaten or get irritated – these things won’t deter your child from being aggressive. Mind your behavior as you will not know when your behavior will start reflecting in your child.
Picture credits- www.askdoctorg.com

Picture credits- www.askdoctorg.com

  1. Avoid comparing your child with others. Each child is unique, they grow at their own pace and achieve milestones at different times.
Picture credits- www.blogwriteathome.com

Picture credits- www.blogwriteathome.com

  1. Reward good behavior– Always appreciate and reward good behavior. Acknowledge them whenever they share their toys or are kind to others. Reward does not necessarily mean expensive toys, a tight hug, high five, a tattoo or pat on the pack is more exciting for them. I pasted a paper on my child’s cupboard where he got a star for every good behavior displayed. Later he converted those stars to anything of his choice. He was proud to have earned that reward. He is six years old and this trick still works.
Picture credits- www.smartclassroommanagement.com

Picture credits- www.smartclassroommanagement.com

  1. Keep them engaged– plan an activity a day according to your child’s choice to keep him constructively engaged. Like-play dough, swings, running, craft activity. Children have over abundance of energy which needs to be channelized in right direction.


Picture credits- www.aupairsocial.com

Picture credits- www.aupairsocial.com

  1. Give them a calm environment– Avoid loud music, battery operated toys, too much screen time- children suffer from bouts of emotional outbursts. Soft music and creative toys soothe their senses.

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  1. Read some good books on this topic– You can easily get Bubbles or Pepper series in market at very low rates. These are good to introduce the idea of sharing, not lying, brushing before sleeping, not scribbling on walls, not hitting and many more. They work wonders as children identify very well with the simple characters in these books.

So now you know there is a reason to everything, just find out the reason, customize a solution and apply it. It will surely work.

Good Luck and Happy Parenting!


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