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You’ve landed here because you’re probably wondering if we can help one another. I get frequent e-mails regarding the content on my blog and from those interested in posting content as well. So, these points chalk out the vision for my blog and how you can be a part of it.

  • Do you write Sponsored posts?


I do write Sponsored posts, provided they fit in with the theme and the focus of my blog. Sponsored posts will be written at my discretion. Do reach out if you have a campaign that will align with the focus of my blog. Topics can include parenting/ schools/ products for children/ services for kids and more.

  • Do you accept Guest Posts on your blog?


If you feel that you can contribute to the theme of this blog  (Parenting/ Kids activities/ Schooling/ Crafts/ Books for Children/ Mothers/ Fathers), please send me a mail together with a link to your blog.


  • Do you write Guest Posts for other blogs/ websites? 

Yes, I do. 

  • Do you write Product/ Book reviews?

Yes, I do.

Typically, I write reviews for books/ items that I have used myself. Please note that all requests for reviews will be confirmed only after due discussion.  The review is exactly that: an honest opinion about the product, without being expected to highlight only the positive elements.

You are welcome to send across items for review with the understanding that I will write a completely balanced post.  

  • Do you  rent out advertising space on your blog?

Yes, I do.

I am working out the rate plans for advertisements on my blog. Please note that the placement of the ad, the duration of the ad and the rate will be non-negotiable. Please reach out by e-mail for further details:

Is there any other query that you would like answered?  Get in touch with me here-