11 Tips To Improve Attention Span In Kids


You read about reasons of low attention span or hyperactive behaviour in kids  Here are simple tips to improve focus and attention span in your child-

  • Reduce the use of gadgets- Avoid using Ipad, phones while sitting in the car or having dinner.No-Phone-Zone-Sign-S-7318[1]
  • Let the child select what he wants to do in free time. Keep a list of activities ready, the child can select anything from it. Generally lack of direction at home lands the kids in front of the television. So it is a good idea to keep them occupied in constructive activities.
  • Two heads are better than one, some children work well in groups or pairs. Healthy competition motivates their spirit. You can invite a friend to your house and let them study or enjoy a hobby together.
    Picture credits- www.thetimesinplainenglish.com-

    Picture credits- www.thetimesinplainenglish.com-

  • Observe the nature around while sitting in the park, show him/her funny things and laugh aloud together. This helps the children in being aware of their surroundings, develops an aesthetic sense and soothes their senses too.Explore-nature[1]
  • Seek opinion on issues, share if you had an eventful day. Talk, talk and talk. They might be facing some problem in personal or school life (like bullying). These things affect their behavior in a major way and if not addressed for a long time then it could have a lasting impact. Gist of all is – pay attention to what they want and they will follow your footsteps.
  • Give them free time to unwind. As I have mentioned in my previous posts on unstructured free play, we often undermine the importance of free play in the lives of our children. It is a necessary requirement of their body. Let them indulge in some form of physical work.
    Picture credits- raisesmartkids.com

    Picture credits- raisesmartkids.com

  • Exercise or yoga gives positive results. Encourage the child to learn skating, tennis, swimming, cycling, football or any other outdoor sport.
  • Play games that require focus like solving a puzzle, finding out the differences in two similar looking pictures. Pictureka is a very interesting game which requires players to find pictures on 3*3 floor tiles.
  • De clutter the room and surroundings- Too much unnecessary stuff, loud paintings, piles of papers can make the surroundings non conducive
  • Read to your child– reading not only improves listening skills but helps the child in developing a chain of thoughts. They sit at one place to read or listen to the story, colourful props and interesting ways can be used to narrate the story to younger children.5 easy Tips to be good parents
  • Play age appropriate board games with them. Board games have a strong effect on focus and concentration. Players have to follow certain rules and adhere to the procedure.Following these simple tips is surely going to reap positive results.
    Picture credits- mindware.com

    Picture credits- mindware.com

Happy Parenting!

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